Live Monthly Workshops
with Sandy Botkin or another financial expert
Every month there will be a live MidasIQ Event. Subjects vary from business tax deductions to topics unique to the interests of business owners.
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Your MidasIQ Vault
After each workshop the video presentation is made available in your Midas Vault. This is your password-protected website to collect recordings of previous trainings. You can go back and replay previous workshops to refresh your memory or apply the tax strategies discussed.

Monthly members will find the most recent workshop immediately upon registration, and continue to collect them for as long as the account is active.

Annual members get “Full Vault Access.”  Meaning you immediately have access to our full library of workshops and continue to collect new ones for as long as your account is active.
Note: Tax Pros are not employees of Midas IQ LLC. Their schedules are based on client load and volume of business just like you. Access may be limited during tax season.
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Free One-on-One Consultations with MidasIQ Certified Tax Professionals
Each month you have the option for a free Tax Pro call to discuss the subject of that month's workshop.

One week after viewing the month's event, either live or from the vault, you will receive an email invite to sign up for a Tax Pro call.

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Exclusive Access to our Private MidasIQ Community
Your membership includes membership in our private Facebook group to connect with other MidasIQ members. Sandy Botkin is a member of the group along with our MidasIQ Certified Tax Pros to answer your tax questions.
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Our Customer Experience team is here to help you with any questions or training needs.
Call: 855-768-0102
7:00am to 6:00pm MT
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