Edward French

Our Mission ~ To provide cost effective services that protect and grow our client's personal and business asset by providing the following services: Bookkeeping, Payroll and Income Tax Preparation.

I started EF Business Services with the objective of being able to provide 30+ years of professional experience in Financial Management, Operations, Billing, Warehousing and Inventory Management. 
During that time, I have worked with several CPA firms and payroll services plus worked for one of the big income tax services.  I have learned much as a result of these relationships, yet there were three things that I did not like.

  1.  The excessive fees and upcharges
  2. Difficulty in talking to people in the organization, especially the wait time in getting calls returned.
  3.  Not feeling important to them.

 As a result, I decided to take my 30+ years of financial and management experience and treat my clients the way I wanted to be treated by:

  1. Offering excellent service at a cost-effective price.
  2. Answering all calls or returning calls same day.
  3. Being a friend and partner.  I enjoy sharing experiences and advice on my successes and failures.
  4. Your success is my success and I enjoy the relationships I have developed over the years.  My current clients include construction, restaurants, auto mechanics, warehousing, medical and consultants.
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