Linda Weathers

If you want to have a thriving business instead of being tied to the job, I can help you build the business through developing processes, financial management, marketing and time management. You went out on your own because you have a vision. I help you formalize that vision so you can have the business you dreamed of.

 We are awesome at helping you define your business, setting up your accounting system and get you the freedom to enjoy your business. My accomplishments include:

Love to take a messy set of data and clean and organize it

Love to teach people how to do a good job

Mostly self-taught, and then get certified after I figure it out - I like to check that I figured it out correctly

Tell me I can't.... and I'll find a way to.....

 I've been told numerous times that I can't ... ‘get hired because I don't have a degree, need a license, need a certification’… so I then go out and get it

I’ve lost everything from being an employee and getting laid off 8 times in 15 years so I decided to be an entrepreneur so I can't be laid off again

 When you want to save $30,000 or more each year on taxes, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has "been there and done that!" with accounting and saving money on taxes.

 And as you can see, I we can definitely help you pay a lot less in taxes, keep more of the money you earn so you can grow your business, and have a clean set of accounting records so you can get a loan to grow your business or buy capital equipment!

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